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Hurricane Irma was the No. 1 top trending Google search in the US & globally for 2017

Google has released its “Year in Search” for 2017, offering up more than 40 top 10 lists for searches in the US and globally. The search terms are ranked based on the top trending searches that saw the highest spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2017 compared to 2016.

In the US, the No. 1 top trending search term was “Hurricane Irma” — it also ranked No. 1 on the top trending global searches and top news searches in 2017.

In addition to “Hurricane Irma,” “Hurricane Harvey” also showed up in the top overall searches and top news searches in the US, as did “Las Vegas Shooting” and “Solar Eclipse.”

“Many of our trending questions centered around the tragedies and disasters that touched every corner of the world,” says Google, “In these moments and others, our collective humanity shined as we asked ‘how to help’ more than ever before.”

For US top searches, Google released a number of categories, covering everything from the top searches overall to the top searched people, athletes, how-to searches, actors, movies, consumer tech, and even the top searched celebrity breakups of the year.

Former Today Show news anchor, Matt Lauer, who was fired in November by NBC over alleged inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace, was the No. 2 top searched term overall in the US, as well as the No. 1 top searched person, followed by Meghan Markle.

Markle ranked as the No. 1 top searched actor, most likely the result of her engagement to England’s Prince Harry, which was announced in late November.

The top how-to search was “How to make slime,” and the top athlete search was Floyd Mayweather. The iPhone 8 beat the iPhone X for top searched consumer tech, and the top searched celebrity breakup of 2017 was “Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell breakup.”

Here is a selection of Google’s year-in-search lists from the US:

Top 10 searches overall

    Hurricane IrmaMatt LauerTom PettySuper BowlLas Vegas ShootingMayweather vs. McGregor FightSolar EclipseHurricane HarveyAaron HernandezFidget Spinner

Top 10 people searches

    Matt LauerMeghan MarkleHarvey WeinsteinMichael FlynnKevin SpaceyBill O’ReillyMelania TrumpKathy GriffinMilo YiannopoulosGal Gadot

Top 10 news searches

    Hurricane IrmaLas Vegas ShootingSolar EclipseHurricane HarveyBitcoin PriceNorth KoreaHurricane JoseHurricane MariaApril the GiraffeDACA

Top 10 consumer tech searches

    iPhone 8iPhone XNintendo SwitchSamsung Galaxy S8Razer PhoneiPhone 8 PlusSuper NES ClassicGoogle Pixel 2Apple Watch 3Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Top 10 how-to searches

    How to make slimeHow to make solar eclipse glassesHow to watch the solar eclipseHow to watch Mayweather vs McGregorHow to buy BitcoinHow to freeze your creditHow to solve a Rubix CubeHow to make a fidget spinnerHow to cook a turkey in the ovenHow to screen record

Top 10 celebrity breakups in 2017

    Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell breakupMalika Haqq and Ronnie Magro breakupDutchess and Caesar breakupAaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn breakupKylie Jenner and Tyga breakupLindsey Stirling and Ryan Weed breakupChris Pratt and Anna Faris breakupNick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi breakupAmy Schumer and Ben Hanisch breakupLady Gaga and Taylor Kinney breakup

For global searches, Google put together 15 different categories of the top trending search terms. Many mirrored the results of the top searches in the US, with “Hurricane Irma” at the top of the list for global searches overall and “Matt Lauer” leading the top searched people list.

The top searched global news story was “Hurricane Irma.” This list was nearly the same as the US version, except it included a search for “Manchester” in place of “DACA.”

Top 10 Searches (Global)

    Hurricane IrmaiPhone 8iPhone XMatt LauerMeghan Markle13 Reasons WhyTom PettyFidget SpinnerChester BenningtonIndia National Cricket Team

Top 10 people searches (global)

    Matt LauerMeghan MarkleNadia ToffaHarvey WeinsteinKevin SpaceyGal GadotMelania TrumpFloyd MayweatherMichael FlynnPhilippe Coutinho

Top 10 news searches (global)

    Hurricane IrmaBitcoinLas Vegas ShootingNorth KoreaSolar EclipseHurricane HarveyManchesterHurricane JoseHurricane MariaApril the Giraffe

You can find Google’s full list of 2017’s top US searches and global searches on the Google Trends website.

Google Trends now shows data for YouTube search, Google Shopping, News search & Image search

Google is adding new filters to its trends data, making it possible to see search trends beyond web search. Now, you can find real-time search trends on specific search terms within YouTube, News and Image searches, along with Google Shopping.

“We’re opening up more data to show what people in the world are looking for, as they’re looking for it,” writes Google on its The Keyword blog.

To see trends filtered by the specific search trends, first choose the search term you want to research. For example, if want to see search trends for Rihanna on YouTube, select Rihanna the singer on the Trends search bar.

From there, you can select to see search trends for “Rihanna” on Image search, News search, Google Shopping and YouTube search from the drop-down menu under Web Search.

Within each of the search trend filters, there is data for “Interest over time” and “Interest by region,” as well as a list of “Related topics” and “Related queries.”

Google beefs up mobile shopping results for the holidays, adds more product info & buying guides

Google is beefing up its mobile shopping experience to prepare for the holidays, now showing buying guides for broad categories like “sewing machine” and “coffee grinder” searches and adding more product-related information for specific product searches.

“When you search for a specific product, Google.com now shows you other helpful information, like related items, and allows you to compare reviews, prices and other specs, side by side,” writes Google product management director for Google Shopping, Jennifer Liu on Google’s The Keyword blog.

Google says it has added a “newer model available” label to tech-gadget product listings so searchers know if they’re browsing the most recent version of tech products.

According to the announcement, Google’s recently redesigned mobile shopping experience has helped bring more product information to the forefront with features like a “Quick View” button in Google Shopping ads that lets users preview detailed product information.

Google also noted its recent knowledge panel updates that quickly surface product photos, videos, reviews and descriptions for product-related searches.

For the announcement, Google pulled search trends for product searches happening in advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to its data, some of the more popular product searches occurring as we head into the biggest shopping weekend of the year include:

apparel brands like Vans, Canada Goose, and Nike Air Jordan Retro 11.celebrity-endorsed products like Kevin Durant’s Nike KD 10, Pharrell x Adidas and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty makeup line.gamer gifts like Razer phones, Nintendo Switch and Call of Duty WW2.

On the Google Home device, Google says voice searches are trending toward everyday essentials such as paper towels or pet food — things people are likely to add to their grocery lists.

“We’re also seeing people using voice to find other types of products to prep for the holidays,” writes Liu, listing kitchen utensil products, toys “Or fuzzy blankets to keep warm by the fireplace.”

Google expanded on its trends data on the Think with Google blog, confirming that Black Friday-related searches have increased by 80 percent over the past two years.

“Mobile watch time of Black Friday haul videos grew by over 120 percent since 2014,” writes Google’s head of shopping ads, Emily Eberhard.

Google says it begins seeing “generic, non-branded” searches outpacing branded queries attached to Black Friday-related searches early in November. Approximately 2 1/2 weeks out from the Black Friday-Cyber Monday four-day shopping weekend, searches switch to more brand-specific searches.

“There is a switch to searches for Black Friday becoming mostly branded (e.g., “ashley furniture black friday” and “sephora black friday 2016″) as shoppers narrow down their options and begin laser-focusing their research on the specific items they want to buy,” writes Eberhard.

Branded versus non-branded search trends

Google says that in 2016, mobile searches for “black friday” peaked on Thanksgiving Day: “Overall, there were 2.5x as many searches for ‘black friday ads’ as there were for ‘how to cook a turkey.’”

It also notes that many Black Friday-related search queries center around shoppers trying to determine the best time to shop, with top Black Friday-related searches including queries such as: “cyber monday vs black friday,” “which is better black friday or cyber monday” and “is cyber monday as good as black friday.”

Google’s data showed that online conversions remain steady throughout November, with spikes on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Google says it sees mobile transaction rates increase 40 percent during the Thanksgiving weekend compared to the rest of the year.

“It’s a sign that mobile researchers [people researching product purchases on their phone] are likely to become mobile buyers over the four-day holiday break,” writes Eberhard.

Google Search App for iOS gains Gboard, trending widget & 3D Touch

Google announced that the Google Search app for iOS devices has added GBoard, trending widgets and new 3D Touch functionality.


Gboard, the popular Google search keyboard, which Google enabled for iOS as an add-on keyboard back in May 2016, is now available directly within the Google app. Launch the Google search app on your iPhone or iPad to try it out. To access this keyboard, go to your Google app settings to set up Gboard on your device.

Gboard is a really excellent alternative to the iOS default keyboard that lets you type normally but also search for emojis, GIFs, search results and much more, directly in your keyboard.


A new iOS dashboard widget is now available for those who installed the Google Search App. It is named “Trending on Google,” and it will show you the current Google Trends when you swipe right on your home screen.

To access the widget, use 3D Touch on the app icon or swipe right on your home screen. To install it, swipe right on your home screen, scroll to the bottom, tap “Edit,” then add “Trending on Google.”

3D Touch

Not only can you hard-press, aka 3D Touch, to access Google Trends, you can also hard-press on a web page within the app or search results to find out more. Press on the “G” button at the bottom of the page to instantly start a new search. Or you can hard-press on Search results, Map results and cards in your feed to see a preview of the content before opening it all the way.

You can try these features out using the iOS Google app.

Google Trends Election Hub offers deep dive into search trends for 2016 candidates & political issues

In case there is anyone out there in search of more election news, Google has added a new tool to its set of voting features with the launch of the Google Trends Election Hub.

Offering a deep dive into this year’s election-related search trends across the US, Google’s new site features real-time reports on president and vice president candidate search queries, in addition to search data around political issues by state and county.

The home page for the Google Election Trends Hub has links to each of the presidential candidates to see search trends by state along with a list of related queries.

The hub’s home page also has a chart graphing national search interest in each candidate over the previous week, as well as links to daily state-by-state search interests, voter registration searches and the top election issue-related searches by state during the past week.

There are also charts graphing the number of “Vote for [presidential candidate]” searches during the past week, and searches for “how to vote,” which Google reports is at its highest rate ever.

The Google Election Hub includes county-level data — a first for Google: “For instance, while the economy is the most searched issue on average across the swing state of Florida, immigration is more searched in southern counties in the state.”

Google has added a YouTube election map to show how many people are watching Clinton videos versus Trump videos by state.

According to Google, this year’s election related searches are up 240 percent over this time preceding 2012’s Election Day.

Google Trends refresh includes geographic comparisons & export to Excel feature

Last week, Google Trends announced a refresh to its site, in addition to the launch of a new hub for Olympic trends.

According to a Google spokesperson, the Google Trends refresh came with a few new tools, including the ability to compare search trends by geographic location and view historical data by day.

Google Trends has also added search term filtering, a new mobile embed option for graphs, and an export-to-excel feature — both of which can be found by clicking the menu in the right-hand corner of a trends graph.

The Associated Press Partners With Google & Twitter To Track 2016 Election Trends

In partnership with Google and Twitter, the Associated Press has released election trends data based on candidate and election-related searches and tweets.

Using Google Trends, the AP Election Buzz tool tracks Google “search interest in political terms.” The AP says the feature is part of the Google Political Index created by a nonpartisan group of Google’s data analyst: “It measures search interest in a weighted comprehensive list of topics associated with the 2016 election, including presidential candidates and political figures, policy issues, and current events.”

Users can view search volume going all the way back to August 2015, in chart form or via a map, and filter the data by the past month, past week or past 24 hours.

Along with election data from Google Trends, the AP is also tracking Twitter conversations around the 2016 election, analyzing tweets that contain candidate names, campaign hashtags and other election-related terms. More coverage of AP’s partnership with Twitter can be found on Marketing Land: Associated Press Teams Up With Twitter To Track 2016 Election-Related Tweets.

AP’s election search trends tool can be accessed on its website here: AP Election Buzz.

Bing has also broadened its 2016 election experience with the launch of its “Search Wave” feature, a search tool that showcases Bing’s search volume for each of this year’s presidential candidates.

Google's Top Trends In 2015: Lamar Odom, Blockbuster Films & What Is Charlie Charlie?

In 2015, people’s search interests on Google were far-reaching, spreading from sports stars like Lamar Odom and Ronda Rousey to this year’s blockbuster film, “Jurassic Park,” and last year’s Oscar winner, “American Sniper.”

Many searchers wanted to know how to use the new Snapchat update, while others were asking Google, “What is Charlie Charlie?”

Google released more than 40 categories for its year-end lists, ranging from the top trending searches to the top trending people, “How-to” searches and travel questions.

“We define the trending queries as the searches that had the highest spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2015 as compared to 2014,” says a Google spokesperson. Google says tracking trends for the year, versus its top searches, is a better way to determine the topics and people that grew in popularity compared to last year.

For Google’s top trending searches of the year, Lamar Odom, “Jurassic World,” “American Sniper,” Caitlyn Jenner and Ronda Rousey led the list.

While Lamar Odom topped the list, Google’s top trending searches highlight an interest in movies this year, with “Jurassic World,” “American Sniper” and “Straight Outta Compton” all making the top 10. (But, oddly, even with all the movie buzz, “Star Wars” didn’t rank.)

Paris was No. 6, and two video games — Agario and Fallout 4 — ranked, as well.

Top Trending Searches

    Lamar OdomJurassic WorldAmerican SniperCaitlyn JennerRonda RouseyParisAgarioChris KyleFallout 4Straight Outta Compton

Odom, Jenner and Rousey also topped the list for Google’s top trending people of 2015. Beyond athletes, Google’s top trending people included Hollywood celebrities, people in the news and one musician, Adele.

Top Trending People

    Lamar OdomCaitlyn JennerRonda RouseyDonald TrumpRuby RoseCharlie SheenBrian WilliamsRachel DolezalAdeleJosh Duggar

What were we most confused about this year? According to Google, in 2015 more people asked “How to use the new Snapchat upate?” more than any other “how to” question.

Tech-related “how to” questions dominated the list, with “How to upgrade to Windows 10,” “How to get the new emojis,” “How to authorize a computer on iTunes” and “How to use Apple Pay” all ranking in the top 10.

Top Trending “How To” Searches

    How to use the new Snapchat updateHow to solve a rubix cubeHow to get legendary marksHow to play Charlie CharlieHow to upgrade to Windows 10How to get the new emojisHow to authorize a computer on iTunesHow to hit the quanHow to lose 10 pounds in a weekHow to use Apple Pay

The Charlie Charlie Challenge surged in popularity this year, making both the “How to” top trends list and “What is…” top trends list. While I had never heard of the yes-no question game until writing this report, my 11-year old daughter was able to explain it to me.

Other “What is…” top trending searches showed we were not only curious about the games our middle-schoolers are playing, but also about the hacked website built for adulterers, Ashley Madison, ebola and ISIS.

Top Trending “What is…” Searches

    What is 0 divided by 0?What is Ashley Madison?What is a buckeye?What is the Charlie Charlie Challenge?What is a lunar eclipse?What is ebola?What is ISIS?What is red nose day?What is a blue moon?What is listeria?

Travelers were all over the place this year, from Cancun to Disneyland, St. Louis, Alburquerque and Yellowstone National Park.

It also appears many were headed to Chicago but didn’t know it. “What airport is ORD?” ranked No. 3 for the top trending travel questions. (ORD is the airport code for Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.)

Top Trending Travel Questions

    What to pack for Cancun?Where is Disneyland?What airport is ORD?When is whale watching season in San Diego?What is a boutique hotel?What to do in St. Louis?What to do in Missoula, MT?What to do in Louisiana?What to do in Albuquerque?Where is Yellowstone National Park?

To celebrate its 2015 Year in Review, Google created the following video:

Google Trends Now Tracking YouTube & Google News To Identify Trending Topics In Real-Time

In its biggest update since 2012, Google Trends announced a number of new updates today, including “minute-by-minute, real-time” data, the integration of YouTube and Google News data to determine trending topics, and a refreshed homepage.

According to the announcement on Google’s official blog, the real-time data is based on its more than 100-billion searches being performed every month.

“Many of these changes are based on feedback we’ve collected through conversations with hundreds of journalists and others around the world.”

“You’ll be able to track the stories most people are searching for and where in the world interest is peaking,” writes Google Trends team member Nimrod Tamir, “Explore this data by selecting any time range in the last week from the date picker.”

Minute-by-Minute, Real-Time Data

In addition to tracking search trends, Google is now tracking trends on YouTube and Google News, and combining data from all three areas to determine which topics and stories are gaining the most traction.

Google says it is increasing the “breadth and coverage” of the data it is tracking for a deeper dive into niche topics in smaller geographies; and, for anyone wanting to do a deeper analysis of trends data, Google is publishing data-sets for specific topics on its Github page.

Data-sets Published on Google’s Github Page

Google has also launched a new “story-centric” homepage that focuses on the topics currently ranking.

Redesigned Homepage

Google says the new homepage has already launched in 28 countries, with a larger roll-out during the coming months.

2014 Trending Topics Highlighted In Google's New Year's Eve Logo

Google’s ushering out 2014 with a doodle featuring the year’s most popular trending topics.

The New Year’s Eve logo includes animation to spotlight the World Cup, the Philae robotic lander, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Flappy Bird, along with a sharing icon to post the logo on social media pages or send via email.

We’re celebrating the last day of the year with an animated recap of some of this year’s top trending searches.

Clicking the animated logo launches a results page that lists Google’s top five most popular trending topics of the year, with a link to “Explore 2014 Trending Topics.”

Here’s a quick list of Google’s top five 2014 trending topics, but you can read more about Google’s Year in Review here: Google’s 2014 Top Trending Searches – The World Mourns Robin Williams, Asks About Ebola & Looks For Walmart.

Google’s Top 2014 Trending Topics

    Robin WilliamsWorld CupEbolaMalaysia AirlinesFlappy Bird