Google formally changes AdWords price extension format to swipeable cards

Google debuted price extensions in July, enabling advertisers to show pricing information about products and services in mobile text ads. At that time, the extension format was in list form. On Monday, Google announced in a tweet that the swipeable card format that has been popping up will now be the standard format for price extensions.

Price extensions will begin showing as swipeable cards, and will roll out in 10 additional languages. Learn more:

— Google AdWords (@adwords) November 14, 2016

In addition to the new standard, Google announced price extensions will be available in 10 more languages. Available languages now include English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

In setting up price extensions from the Ad Extensions tab in the web interface, advertisers select a relevant header: brands, events, locations, neighborhoods, product categories, product tiers, services, service categories and service tiers.

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