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cows chase suspect in Florida

A FLEEING suspect who bailed from a car to escape police in Florida was caught by an unlikely herd of heroes: 16 cows. Footage of the brave bovines was captured by the Seminole County sheriff’s helicopter, with the herd chasing suspect Jennifer Kaufman across their field. Kaufman was one of …

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Mystery pooper

A HIGH-RANKING education official earning a six figure salary has been outed as the mystery pooper plaguing a high school in New York. Superintendent of Schools Thomas W Tramaglini was dubbed “The Pooperintendant” after he was allegedly caught in the act on surveillance video set up by his colleagues. But …

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Miss Bumbum 2018

CONTESTANTS in Brazil’s Miss Bumbum competition have posed with X-rays of their bottoms to prove they have not undergone plastic surgery. The competitors united to warn against “quick fix” surgeries after a number of high-profile deaths of women following butt augmentation surgery. All the contestants posing with their X-rays.Source:Supplied The …

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Darwin Cup

IT STARTS with all the glitz and glam of the prestigious Melbourne Cup Carnival — and it ends with the messiness and wild antics of a Guns N’ Roses after-party circa the 1990s. The Darwin Cup is an eight-day carnival stretched over a month and one of the most popular …

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WHILE it can be great to have the gift of the gab, sometimes it’s preferable to just shut up — especially during your own sentencing hearing. Convicted armed robber Franklyn Williams, 32, clearly had plenty to say at Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, Ohio, in the United States on Tuesday …

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