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Captain Cook’s Endeavour

IT’S is Australia’s most historic ship, but the mystery of where Captain James Cook’s Endeavour lies has been shrouded in secrecy for centuries. As the 250th anniversary approaches of the famed explorer’s departure on the Endeavour from Plymouth on August 25, 1768 to claim this country for England, the mystery …

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Inflatable unicorn

A GROUP of women have been rescued by police after they became stranded on a giant, inflatable unicorn in the middle of a lake. Officers from Chisago County, in Minnesota in the United States, were driving past a lake when they spotted the giant inflatable with the stuck women clutching …

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G spot

LITHUANIA’S capital is pressing ahead with controversial plans for a raunchy international advertising campaign that refers to the city as the “G-spot of Europe”, despite opposition from the church and central government. Posters advertising the Baltic country’s capital, which are due to appear in Berlin and London from today, show …

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Mount Olympus

MOUNT Olympus, the highest cliff in Greece, was honoured with a Google Doodle today. The 2917m mountain is also known to many for its interesting Grecian fables and myths. Based on archaeological evidence found in 1961, the highest peak of the mountain called Agios Antonios is known to have been …

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Eiffel Tower queue dispute

THE EIFFEL Tower — closed to visitors since Wednesday afternoon — is to reopen after workers went on strike over unacceptably long queues at the Paris landmark. Workers walked out in protest after a new access policy introduced separate lifts for visitors with pre-booked tickets and those who buy them …

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