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Paris open air urinals dividing opinion

PARIS’ penchant for urban urinals has taken a new ecological turn with trialling of a new dry and allegedly odourless version known as the “uritrottoir”. But the red-topped receptacle appears to have mainly provoked ribbing and ridicule and, among some local residents, even rage. “It’s a little weird … but …

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Coney Island

EVERY year tens of thousands of people head for the beach on New York’s Coney Island for its historic July 4 Independence Day celebrations. On a normal hot summer’s day about 120,000 people can crowd on the sand but it really was standing room only on the 4.8km stretch of …

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Area 51

FOR years the United States government denied the existence of this highly-secretive base in the middle of the Nevada desert. Now, potential candidates are being offered the chance to work at Area 51 after it posted its first ever job advert: for a pilot on top-secret flights, The Sun reports. …

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