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Samsung Galaxy Watch

SAMSUNG is poised to go head-to-head with Apple in the race to put a device on your wrist this year after unveiling its first smartwatch that will work without a phone connection. The Galaxy Watch, revealed at the company’s worldwide event in Brooklyn overnight, will be the first Samsung smartwatch …

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Looking smart

IN this age of wearable technology, smart gadgets can look good too. From activity trackers that double as a designer bracelet, to a pendant that keeps track of your menstrual cycle, here are five gadgets that look as fantastic as the features they offer.

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Fitbit heart rate tracking not very accurate

FRESH doubt has been cast over the accuracy of technology used by the wearable fitness bracelets marketed by Fitbit. According to researchers who conducted a new study which tracked the company’s in-house PurePulse technology, the heart rate monitoring wristbands can be wildly inaccurate. The study was commissioned by lawyers who …

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Pebble Core device to replace your smartphone

EVERYWHERE you look people are engrossed in their phones, mesmerised by the little screen staring back up at them. Much has been made about people’s incessant attachment to their internet-connected devices. People often report “feeling naked” without their phone on them. But a new product by Californian company Pebble Technology …

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Virtual reality

REDUCING errors made during surgery, bringing school books to life, enabling us to browse shops from the comfort of home — virtual reality is not just about gaming, it will change our lives, according to some tech leaders. “VR” is the buzz industry at Asia’s largest tech fair, Computex, being …

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