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Volcano eruption

ABOUT 1500 people are being evacuated from an island off the northern coast of Papua New Guinea after a nearby volcano erupted, the local Red Cross says. A volcano on the island of Kadovar, located about 24km north of the Papuan mainland, began erupting on January 5. That prompted the …

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Cyclone Hola

THE cruise ship which hit the headlines after it was forced to return to Sydney after a bucks party gone bad last month has hit troubled waters — quite literally. P&O is just one of many tourism operators in the South Pacific caught off guard by the rapid intensification of …

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Koh Tao

WHEN Boyne Annesley texted his daughter while she was on her island holiday, little did he know that she was already dead. It was only when police arrived at his door that he knew something had gone terribly wrong. “I remember texting her because we were trying to get hold …

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