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X Factor Australia 2016

WILL this be the last year of The X Factor? That looks a distinct possibility after the Channel 7 singing show scored its worst-ever ratings last night. The X Factor averaged a dismal 676,000 viewers across the five capital cities — its lowest figure in eight seasons. It was hammered …

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Australia TV

HOW do you know it’s summer time in Australia? The huge increase in British and Kiwi accents on our TV screens. And unless it’s on the cricket pitch or tennis court, the dearth of Australian accents. Another clue? Endless promotions for new shows but with no date for when they …

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Survivor Australia, The X Factor

THERE may be only five weeks left of the ratings year but the battle between the three commercial TV networks is just as fierce as ever. Having saved some of their best shows till last, Seven, Nine and Ten will continue to fight to the death not just until the …

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BRIT superstar Tom Hardy lost a staggering $3.2 million making his new BBC1 drama Taboo. The actor, 39, who devised the show and plays the lead role, set up a firm Taboo Productions Ltd to handle the finances for the eight-part series. But new accounts show he was left with …

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Yellow Tail’s Super Bowl ad

YOU know when you’re strolling along the beach at sunset in your white bikini and you feel the eyes of a pervy kangaroo leering at you? Looking you up and down. Undressing you from behind his yellow plastic novelty sunglasses. Apparently the smutty kangaroo is as Australian as a Southern …

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