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A SHAMELESS woman has been caught on camera shaving her hairy legs in a public drinking fountain. The disgusting act was filmed by a horrified British holiday-maker who was sitting on a bench trying to relax and in a busy Spanish park, The Sun reports. In the video, gobsmacked tourists …

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Rome’s Trevi Fountain

FOR tourists soaking up the sights of Rome, the Trevi Fountain is a popular location for a quick selfie. But the scenic spot descended into chaos on Wednesday night when a fight between two women erupted into a brawl so wild that police were forced to attend. It all began …

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Backpacking Guide

I WAS 21 and a year into a five-year constantly extending trip to London when the twin towers came down. It was a grey afternoon in London when the news reached our small office, where I worked as a content editor, that some planes had gone into the World Trade …

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Cruise holidays

WITH great anticipation, Elaine Chan and her husband hopped on-board Holland America’s Zuiderdam ship for a 24-day holiday. At first, it seemed like a dream come true. But on day five, things went terribly wrong. The couple was thrown off the vessel in Helsinki after the captain accused Ms Chan’s …

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Airbnb Hell tweets

AN AIRBNB host was left shocked after four people booked to stay at his three-bedroom property — but 25 people showed up. The owner’s girlfriend, Mary Numair live-tweeted the entire scenario which ended up with the party stealing from the bathroom, and the posts have since gone viral. Mary wrote: …

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Digital Nomads

THOSE wishing their dream holiday would never end, may be in luck after all. If they work really, really hard. Lithuanian-born Karolina Valeikaite, 24, and her boyfriend Italian Marco Coppola, 26, met at a restaurant in London a few years ago — but now they travel the world for free. …

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