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We Happy Few Review

WHEN we imagine a world in which Britain lost World War II, we tend to think of something like The Man In The High Castle or SS-GB; a drab, fascist dystopia where everything is depressing and bleak. But what if that world was actually a groovy, happy, trippy sort of …

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iPhone X

MOTOROLA may have royally ripped off Apple’s hugely popular iPhone X handset. Leaked images of the company’s rumoured Motorola P30 smartphone have surfaced, showing a near-identical design. A leaked image of the Motorola P30 via AndroidPureSource:Supplied Compared to Apple’s iPhone X via AndroidPureSource:Supplied It’s no secret that phone makers like …

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Kia Picanto and Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris 17 points Price: $17,490 drive-away Value 3/5 The Yaris Ascent hits a new low price because a new model is overdue (take a further $500 off in August). Standard are remote central locking, aircon, cruise control, Bluetooth, steering wheel audio controls and rear-view camera. Absent are Apple CarPlay …

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New Hyundai Tucson review

CAR companies don’t always hit the mark when they launch a new model. The better buy is often the midlife update that addresses earlier foibles — and that’s the case with the revised Hyundai Tucson, the fourth-biggest seller in the medium SUV class. At first glance it looks the same …

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Ford F-Series

There is one big truck to rule them all. In Australia the new car market is dominated by the Toyota HiLux, but globally the super-sized Ford F-Series pick-up truck is the number one selling vehicle. The giant utility is the big brother to the Ford Ranger, but most Aussie would …

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Jett McKee

HANNAH Quinn — the young Sydney woman accused of murdering an Aussie rapper with a samurai sword in broad daylight — was so obsessed with animal rights and environmentalism she changed her name to Hannah Hugs Trees on Facebook. On her social media page, the 23-year-old human rights and feminism …

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