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Pedra da Gávea

THESE daredevil risk takers played good Samaritan when they helped a man dicing with death while hanging from a rock in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The men were trying to capture the perfect picture on the top of Pedra da Gávea when a fellow risk taker came into their shot …

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Venezuela drone attack

VENEZUELAN authorities have arrested six “terrorists and hired killers” over an alleged assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro using explosive-laden drones on Saturday. Investigators searched a blackened apartment building on Sunday (local time) where witnesses described seeing a drone and then hearing a thunderous explosion in what President Nicolas Maduro …

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A lasting Tango in Buenos Aires

EVA Peron, the tango, football and food the people of Buenos Aires are at their most passionate when it comes to all these things. The traditional rivalry of cross-town football teams Boca Juniors and River Plate is so fierce that even Coca-Cola was forced to abandon its traditional red-and-white (the …

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Mine in the sky in Bolivia

THE desert altiplano in southern Bolivia is one of the most stark and spectacular vistas on this planet. After a 3 1/2-hour trip south from La Paz to Oruro, I hoped to travel by rail to Uyuni but the Friday train was booked and the Sunday train was at night …

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Time to tango in Buenos Aires

AS my car pulls up in the driveway of an elegant imperial building with soaring marble columns, I look down in dismay at my crumpled shirt and muddy joggers, soiled from stomping around the Argentine pampas. We have just arrived from a weekend of horse riding at Estancia El Ombu …

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Exploring Colombia’s ancient city of Cartagena

MUSIC seeps from every open pore of Cartagena’s Old Town; it starts around sunset then wafts on the sea breeze until it reaches its crescendo some time after midnight. Samba beats float between five-centuries-old Spanish colonial buildings, scaling bougainvillea-shrouded balconies, passing endless tiny cafes where tables sprawl out on cobbled …

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