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‘Champions Against Bullying

“YOU ARE beautiful and unique in every way.” “That big smile of yours made my day.” Anti-bullying organisation Champions Against Bullying have put together a powerful 46-second video comprised of teenagers reading messages sent to their friends after they committed suicide. The video works on the premise that these nice …

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Why it takes balls to be happy

YOU say you want happiness. We all do. But the truth is, you’re scared of it. Completely terrified of having it because, lo and behold, if you get it, if you experience it and get used to experiencing it, you just might lose it. Here’s a little scoop for you: …

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Life coaching

PEOPLE come to me as a life coach for a multitude of reasons. They hate their job. They feel stuck in a bad relationship. They are crippled by fear and social comparison. They know that they are not living a life that is true to themself and are desperate to …

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My week living like Gwyneth Paltrow

SHE’S got her own lifestyle website and unashamedly shares her words of wisdom with millions. But what actually happens when you spend a week living like Gwyneth Paltrow? While I’m pleased to report there’s no conscious uncoupling going on in my life, living like Gwyn was surprising. Surprising in that, …

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