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XXXX Island

I’M STANDING on the edge of the wharf at Keppel Bay Marina, staring at a bright yellow boat with “The Schooner” emblazoned on the side. As we’re ushered onto this very boat, I know for sure that I’m past the point of no return. I’ve been on two planes and …

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Voyager bag by Wool and Oak

NO MATTER what incredible bargain you scored on your flight prices, the tricky issue of luggage often gets travellers unstuck — and paying through the nose. Most airlines allow passengers to bring only one carry-on bag and one personal item on board, meaning anything else has to be checked in, …

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THE size, the pace, oh, and the price of Tokyo has always been a daunting one. It’s been on the bucket list, so when a 24-hour opportunity came up? Kon’nichiwa. While that amount of time hardly scratches the surface, you get a feel of the energy that makes it one …

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Time off

RIGHT now you’re either at work or on your way, and there’s probably something else you should be doing. You might be stressed, wondering how on earth you’re going to deliver the numbers your boss wants, and preparing to stay late. You’re eyes are itchy, you’re craving another coffee, and …

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Airbnb to start offering local tours

In eight years, Airbnb have gone from couch-surfing upstarts to home rental powerhouse. They’ve annoyed entire city governments and delighted millions of travellers with cheap and convenient digs. Despite all the tales of woe from disgruntled landlords and underwhelmed guests, one thing is certain: they are here to stay. Their …

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