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Home birth

A VIDEO showing a mother giving birth to her baby in a water bath at home, surrounded by her husband and with their dog nearby, has been slammed by health experts as “dangerous”. The video, shared on the popular Australian Birth Stories Instagram account, shows the father delivering his own …

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TEENAGE girls are often stereotyped as the female demographic most likely to have an abortion, but new data and health experts say it’s actually middle-aged mothers who make up the majority of terminations. According to data from family planning organisation Marie Stopes Australia, women aged 36-40 had 3100 terminations a …

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Infertility heartbreak

I BURST into tears at the sight of pregnant women. It’s been happening a lot recently. I’ve felt so jealous that I’ve cried, and then I feel guilty. I should feel happy for them. Whether it’s the sight of pregnant strangers in the supermarket, or hearing the news that our …

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Em Rusciano pregnant

RADIO host and comedian Em Rusciano has announced she is pregnant, just over a year after she experienced a miscarriage. The 39-year-old shared the happy news with her social media followers on Sunday night, referencing Abigail Breslin’s hilarious Superfreak dance sequence in the hit 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine. “It’s …

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Caesarean births

WOMEN living in rural areas of Australia are calling out the limited birthing options available to them, saying the shortage of medical experts means they are having to travel hours to give birth and, in some cases, are being “bullied” into having caesareans. Last week a small rally was held …

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Red-haired revival for wannabe parents

SPERM donor collection companies are calling for more specimens from ginger-haired men. Currently only 2 per cent of donors are redheads and more women are wanting flame-haired children. Whether it is the attraction to a Prince like Harry or a worldwide music phenomenon like Ed Sheeran, the tide has turned. …

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