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Crufts 2017 results

IT’S the biggest dog show in the world, and this year — an American Cocker Spaniel has been awarded the coveted Best in Show title at the annual event. But while most people are in awe of the dog’s impeccable black and white coat — Twitter users have jumped to …

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Pet custody in Australia

DIVIDING up the assets post-breakup is never fun. And when there’s a pet involved, it’s no less complicated with Australia’s Family Law Act defining animals as property. This means that courts consider pets in a similar way to any other household item that needs to be divided up or assigned …

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Dog anxiety problems

AS A vet specialising in behavioural medicine, I see a lot of dogs with complex problems. About 20% of pets have an anxiety disorders (mental health issues), just like people. But sometimes the problems can occur when owners do not understand the dog’s normal social behaviour. Here are four things …

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Easter eggs

WITH Easter comes a deluge of chocolate. And while for some, this brings nothing but happiness, (and occasionally an over-inflated waistline), for man’s best friend it could mean death. Kevin, an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, learnt this the hard way when he was 12-months-old. Upon getting the kids ready for …

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