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Australian backyard

IT’S the rose-tinted, soft lensed, sepia coloured Aussie homebuyer’s dream. And it’s just about dead. Many of us will have gazed into our futures and seen ourselves, one day, on our own block of land, house at one end, pool at the other, kids running around on the lawn between …

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Gardens in focus photography competition showcases Sydney’s rare beauty lying just down the garden path

THIS weekend Sydney will play host to a photography exhibition which showcases pictures from Australia’s humble backyard — but these photos are anything but ordinary. From rare finches, to dewdrop-laden moths they’ll have you wondering what wonders lie down your garden path when you’re not looking. This year’s competition attracted …

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John Lamb gardening tips

NEED some gardening tips? Expert John Lamb is here is on hand to lend a few. This week, he looks at begonias and lemonade trees. Q. I have several tree begonias in pots and would like to know when I should cut them back and to what extent. They have …

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She sheds

GENTS, we need to talk. Grab a chair. You’ll probably need a beer, too. I don’t want to overstate this but we are under attack from the thing we hold dearest. No, not Friday night footy. I’m talking about the missus. She’s stealing from you. First it was your razor, …

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Secret Gardens of Sydney

In many ways, this garden was all wrong. There was no proper off-street parking and the block was not conventionally appealing with a significant slope at the rear from one side to the other. But where some saw problems, Secret Gardens of Sydney director Matt Cantwell saw opportunities. Just half …

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