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Click Frenzy Travel

IF YOU’VE been thinking of another holiday, whether it’s a big adventure or a quick getaway, make sure you’re free on Tuesday night. Travel Frenzy, the online mega sale for travel deals, goes live on August 21 at 7pm AEST and over 24 hours it will offer massive savings on …

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Most expensive cities

A TOURIST has slammed an artisan Venice cafe for charging $67 for a couple of small coffees and two bottles of water. Juan Carlos Bustamente, 62, from Chile, was shocked when he got the bill at Caffe Lavena, which sits on the edge of the iconic St Mark’s Square, The …

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Corporate tax cuts

THE company reporting season threatens to become a running battle for the government with a think tank planning to calculate the tax revenue its policy would forego. The calculations by the Australia Institute are aimed at making the government wince and put on the defensive as it renews its bid …

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NEW analysis has found choosing the wrong NBN plan could cost you up to $736 a year. With more than 150 providers of phone and internet services for NBN in Australia, and many different plans, it can be difficult to chose the best one. Comparison site Mozo.com.au has looked at …

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Bitcoin value

BITCOIN is, once again, having a really bad time. Not only are bitcoin holders suffering big losses (again) but the central bank for central banks just compared the crypto-currency to a bunch of shells and beads traded in early societies. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) gave bitcoin a ferocious …

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Departure tax

FROM overpriced Wi-Fi to hidden departure taxes, you don’t want to be strapped for cash when it comes to these often-overlooked travel fees. So make sure you include these 11 items when budgeting for your next trip. 1. Airport transportation Whether it’s a taxi, Uber, water taxi, shuttle bus, shared …

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