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Hypersonic missiles

STRATEGIC competition between world powers is well and truly back. After decades of a ‘peace dividend’ following the collapse of the Soviet Union, China has joined the fray as a major player for world influence. It has invested heavily in new aircraft, new tanks — and new technology such as …

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Spanish Typhoon AMRAAM accidental firing

A NATO fighter guarding its nervous northern states accidentally fired a secret air-to-air missile near the border with Russia yesterday. They still can’t find it. The Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon was policing the border of Estonia to deter Russian incursions, and keeping an eye on their activity over the Baltic Sea. …

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Donald Trump, China

A MAJOR new war is looming — and this one sits worryingly close to home. Asia is at risk of descending into a region-wide crisis with global implications, a leading expert in Asia-Pacific affairs has warned. Dr Brendan Taylor, Associate Professor at ANU Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, …

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Space Force

THE US Pentagon is about to present its plans to get President Trump’s ‘Space Force’ off the ground. And it could become reality within months. According to DefenceOne, the US Defence Department plans to establish three of the four elements necessary to create a formalised militarised space service. This includes …

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