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Fast Wi-Fi

A NEWLY developed ultra-thin device that can change the colour of light and turn invisible light into visible light has been developed by Australian researchers in a breakthrough that promises internet boosting applications. Researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) behind the invention, say it could one day be used …

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King Stallion, X6

IT’S going to be a big year for futuristic helicopters as next-generation designs emerge. These exciting new helos are becoming more powerful, flying far faster and even flying missions by themselves. For the military, helicopters are absolutely crucial, and will only become even more so in war zones. They also …

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Rotimatic review

SOMETIMES the world gives you gadgets you didn’t know you needed until you use them. Enter the Rotimatic — a countertop machine that automates roti making. Normally roti bread is made by combining flour, water and oil to create flat discs of dough that are briefly cooked over direct heat. …

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