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A HORRIFIED student claims she has been left traumatised after she discovered a dead insect inside her supermarket caesar salad bowl. Design student Zoe Anderson began “dry-retching” after allegedly finding the dead insect — which she believes to be a moth — in her salad. The 22-year-old from Bonnells Bay, …

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Cyclospora parasite

THE number of people affected by an outbreak of disease caused by tainted McDonald’s salad has now grown to 395, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. Sixteen individuals have been hospitalised, with cases recorded in 15 states across the US. The illness is …

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Listeria outbreak

ANOTHER frozen produce product has been recalled today, with concerns it could be contaminated by potentially deadly listeria. Metcash has recalled all stock of Black & Gold Mixed Vegetables 1kg from shelves in IGA, Campbells and Independent Grocers across Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, according to the New South …

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Pest control

IF YOU’VE been noticing pesky ants around your kitchen or crawling into your kettle, there’s a simple explanation why. The annoying insects are following a special pheromone trail left by them or other ant families from a time they previously found the water source. Being creatures of habit, the ants …

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Carolina Reaper

DOCTORS issued a chilli warning Tuesday after an American man who ate the world’s hottest pepper was struck by excruciating “thunderclap” headaches. The 34-year-old man’s symptoms began with dry heaves “immediately after participation in a hot pepper contest where he ate one Carolina Reaper,” in 2016, said an article published …

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