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Jessica Greatorex

A YOUNG mother who gave a tearful interview a week ago about the death of her toddler daughter has been arrested and is expected to be charged. Jessica Greatorex, 22, told Nine News earlier this month that her 20-month-old daughter Hayley Rose “went down for a sleep and never woke …

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Evie Amati

EVIE Amati, the transgender axe attacker convicted of three attempted murders, grew up in a comfortable central Perth suburb, the child of West Australian trade union royalty. Then named Karl, Amati was gifted academically and would go on to top the state in English, and become the highest achiever of …

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Wellington, New Zealand

IF the first thing that jumps to mind when you think of New Zealand or Wellington is extreme sports, adventure, The Hobbit or The Lord Of The Rings, it’s OK — you’re forgiven. But after a long weekend spent in the culture capital, I am very pleased to report that …

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WHY is it that when we meet some people we are overwhelmed with a sense of dread or dislike? Meanwhile some people trigger feelings of such positivity that we are madly in love and planning our future before we’ve even spoken a word. One look, and we know how we …

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Relationship advice

IT’S completely normal — and healthy — for couples to argue. As two different people, chances are you’re going to have diverse opinions and views on various topics and situations. But when a heated argument turns sour, what you say in the heat of the moment can have a lasting …

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