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Best exercise for fat lost

IN RECENT years fitness trends have swung from short snappy HIIT sessions, to clocking up kilometres in preparation for a marathon. But which is best — short or long workouts? YOU WANT FAT LOSS Alternating between bursts of intense exercise with short rest periods gives you the same (if not …

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Tiffiny Hall

I’D like to share with you some of the best advice I ever received, “You’re not too busy. You just don’t have your priorities straight.” A recent study conducted by Loughborough University in the UK, suggests that weekend workouts can benefit health as much as a week of exercise. The …

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Cheap fitness

IT’S resolution time, and one of our top priorities is adopting a more active lifestyle. But gym memberships, personal trainers or protein shakes aren’t always the most budget-friendly solution. Here are six ways to boost your fitness without spending a cent. WALK EVERYWHERE Almost anyone can do it: Whether that’s …

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