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Homo erectus death

Homo erectus, one of our closest ancient ancestors, went extinct in part because it was lazy. That’s the finding of New Australian National University (ANU) research. Recent digs in areas of Saudi Arabia inhabited by primitive humans have uncovered a series of enticing details. They may offer insight as to …

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Walk from London to Sydney

THE Earth is set for a drastic change that will give our descendants the ability to walk from Sydney to London. This is according to an international team of academics who believe the future will see two-thirds of the planet’s surface join in one land mass. Sponsored by UNESCO and …

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New human species found in cave

THE fossilised bones of 15 bodies from a previously unknown human species have been discovered in a cave in South Africa, in what scientists hailed as a breakthrough in evolution research. About 1,500 fossils were found deep in a cave system outside Johannesburg, hidden in a deep underground chamber only …

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