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Arthritis, Cancer

THE humble cup of tea is one of the most popular beverages in Australia (after water, milk and coffee), with people drinking on average 9.5 cups of the stuff a week nationally. While it’s not as much of a cultural tradition here compared to other places such as China, India …

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Fever Tree tonic water

“IF three quarters of a drink is the mixer, mix it with the best,” is the argument tonic water brand Fever Tree wants you to believe. The premium mixed drink company has made millions of dollars from consumers who prefer Fever Tree’s more expensive tonic waters in their gin and …

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GABS beer festival review

WALKING through the doors of Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building, the sense of anticipation was almost unbearable. In just a couple of minutes I’d be sitting at a bench, in the shadow of the 18-metre Ferris Wheel, chalking my selection on a fresh, clean beer paddle, listening to wandering house band, …

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Best wines

AUSTRALIA, we’ve done it again. Forget Tuscany, forget Bordeaux, forget even the Marlborough Region in New Zealand because Australia is sweeping the wine awards again, and it’s not even going to cost you that much. The global ranking of the world’s best wines and wineries is published annually by the …

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Welfare recipients

WELFARE recipients spend less on alcohol as a portion of their income than all other Australians, new figures show. The Australian Bureau of Statistics this week released its household expenditure statistics report, breaking down how Australians spend their money. And it’s managed to crush a few stereotypes with the data. …

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