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First date ideas

GOING to the movies on a first date. It’s a practice so entrenched, it seems written in the wind, but the truth is that it’s the very worst way to get to know somebody, and the very best way to accidentally rub your groin along the backs of eight strangers’ …

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THIS man sent a very cheeky message to a Tinder match who asked him to write her a poem, and she had absolutely no idea. Emilia asked for a poem … she got more than she bargained for.Source:Reddit Drew spent 45 minutes crafting the requested “sonnet about first love” for …

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Kate Iselin writes

ALMOST everyone has a ‘bad date’ story. I know I’ve been on some real corkers: there was the man who infamously showed me a photo of his soft penis over lunch in the food court; and the fellow who asked me to meet his parents, told me when we’d be …

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