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Drifting among island gems

The World steamed out of Bora Bora on the next leg of its circumnavigation, dwarfing the tiny motus that form a necklace of sand and palm islets around the pearl of the Pacific. She was imperious and, in cruise-ship terms, a giant, her 12 decks of apartments and pleasures forming …

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Hit the deck for Aegean party

WHETHER you travel to the Greek islands for history, scenery or partying – I focused unashamedly on the latter – you are sure to be impressed. The rocky islands prove a perfect place for a Contiki holiday. Little preparation is required before I join fellow travellers aboard MS Perla for …

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Cruising for a mission for kava in Fiji

IN steamy downtown Waiyevo on Taveuni Island, we’re on a mission. A very important mission. In fact, the entire shipload aboard Blue Lagoon Cruises’ Fiji Princess is banking on our success. Fail in this endeavour and we could all be sent packing. So, while my fellow passengers are snapping themselves …

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Travel across tundra in Russia

WRANGEL Island is one of the most isolated postings for a Russian park ranger. More than 100km north of the Siberian coast, where there are more bears than people by a factor of 10. For a few months of the year, the coastline around Wrangel is ice-free and the Russians …

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How to survive a cruise ship buffet

FOOD, glorious food — it’s one of the top reasons people go on cruises. In one week, the cruise ship the Queen Mary 2 serves 16,000 meals a day, including 45 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, seven tonnes of poultry, 12 tonnes of fish and seafood, two tonnes of cheese …

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Boom and crack on Arctic cruise

TWO weeks ago, I thought ice only made one noise – a gentle tinkle when plopped into a glass tumbler. But after spending the past 15 days inside the Arctic Circle, exploring a huge swath of Canada’s far north and a section of Greenland’s wild southwest coast on board an …

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