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Great Barrier Reef

IT’S one of Australia’s most valuable assets and researchers are being forced to think outside the box to save it. Whether you consider yourself an environmentalist or not, the Great Barrier Reef is crucial to Queensland’s ecosystem and the broader economy of the country. A Deloitte Access Economics report released …

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DEVASTATED farmers are struggling through one of the worst droughts they’ve ever seen but one animal rights group’s controversial message is “if you can’t feed them, don’t breed them”. PETA has been slammed for its insensitive stance on the issue as nearly all of New South Wales suffers through the …

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Doomsday Vault books

A SECOND “Doomsday Vault” has just opened in the frozen Arctic wastes of Svalbard in Norway. The huge storage facility is designed to hold vast amounts of data using a newly devised long-lasting storage method. It is hoped countries will choose to store digitised versions of their most important books …

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Standing Rock Indian Reservation

BY NOW, you’ve probably seen some of your Facebook friends “checking in” to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Which is bizarre (and brilliant), because most of the people using the location feature on the social networking service to tag themselves at the North Dakota reservation aren’t actually there. The flood …

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