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Hong Kong protests

IN WHAT appears to be a great example of hypocrisy and irony, Instagram has reportedly been blocked in China following pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. It’s not just Instagram that has been blocked in an attempt by Chinese officials to control news reports, but images posted anywhere online that have …

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Scott Ludlam

YOUNG Australians are becoming increasingly important in the political space and some politicians, such as Green’s senator Scott Ludlam, realise this. On the weekend, Senator Ludlam attended PAX, a video game and culture conference in Melbourne where he gave a speech about data retention and what that meant for gamers. …

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Metadata laws

THE government has been trying to push the ability to keep our metadata for two years, claiming it’s necessary for national security. Critics argue that this would be a massive privacy breach, but the government believes it is necessary to protect Australia. A recent Essential poll has shown that around …

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Porn on Blogger

GOOGLE has done a backflip on its decision to force sexually explicit blogs on its Blogger platform to become private. Last week, users of Blogger were informed by Google they would no longer be allowed to post sexually explicated content on the site. However, it appears a huge backlash from …

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