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Samsung’s first professional camera, the NX1, arrives in Australia, aims, shoots and fires at the competition

Samsung NX1 Samsung / 4.5/5 / $1899 body / samsung.com/au PHOTOGRAPHIC expectations just keep climbing. Enthusiasts now demand larger image sensors in smaller camera bodies, more megapixels but quicker speeds, sharper focus with smaller lenses, and easier ways to share images from traditional camera forms. These contradictions make it hard …

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Internet of Things selfie drone

FORGET the selfie stick, those who love to take photos of themselves may soon be able to buy the selfie drone. A compact automated flying camera system is being developed by technology company Internet of Things (IoT), which plans to have it on sale by Christmas. IoT says the selfie …

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Amedy Coulibaly

PARIS terrorist Amedy Coulibaly was carrying a GoPro camera, a hostage has revealed in a terrifying account of his ordeal. Nessim Cohen* told Liberation he watched the gunman take the memory card from the camera, put it into a computer and manipulate the images during the kosher supermarket siege. The …

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A PIONEERING drone from 3D Robotics has captured Sydney’s most iconic locations from the sky in a series of remarkable shots. The $2000 3DR Solo, launched on the city’s harbour earlier this month, can fly on its own, following a route pre-programmed by the user to capture 360-degree images. It …

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Police body camera videos

TWO videos. Two similar situations. Two very different outcomes. In the first video, a man runs at a rookie police officer, yelling at him to pull the trigger. He holds his nerve under unspeakable stress. In the second video, a man walks towards an officer with a knife. The officer …

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