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Russian treasure ship cryptocurrency fraud

THE sunken wreck is real: the century-old Imperial Russian Navy cruiser Dmitri Donskoi is sitting on the bottom off the coast of South Korea. But its gold-bullion cargo is not. Now, the South Korean company behind the breathless announcement that it had found a $190 billion treasure-trove is under investigation …

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Russian treasure ship

POLICE in Seoul have raided the offices of a South Korean company which claims to have found a treasure-laden shipwreck. South Korean police also requested an international arrest warrant for the founder of a Singapore-based firm after launching an investigation into the company and a South Korean start-up over false …

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Stonehenge secrets revealed

THE ancient mystery of who built Stonehenge has been solved, according to a breakthrough study. A groundbreaking new analysis of the 25 cremated remains buried at the prehistoric monument in Wiltshire in southwest England has revealed that 10 of them lived nowhere near the bluestones, reports The Sun. Instead they …

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Nazi gold train team split after feud

IT was a story that sent shivers of excitement around the world: two intrepid treasure hunters had tracked down a legendary Nazi train. Inside its armoured carriers was supposed to be a wealth of treasure and military secrets. Or so Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter claimed. Since chuffed supporters and …

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Giza Pyramid’s secret could help us today

SCIENTISTS have made an incredible discovery about the 4000-year-old Great Pyramid of Giza which could help boost renewable energy in the current day. Scientists from Russia have discovered that Egypt’s largest pyramid can trap electric and magnetic energy into its chambers to spark higher levels of energy. Researchers from ITMO …

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