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Guide to travelling to Antarctica

DISCOVER the extraordinary wildlife and landscapes of Antarctica and the islands of South Georgia, as bewitching now as they were in the days of the early explorers. Getting there: Practically all visitors to Antarctica arrive as part of an organised tour and almost always on a ship. The Antarctic Peninsula …

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Leonid Rogozov

“MY heart seized up and noticeably slowed; my hands felt like rubber.” This is how Leonid Rogozov described the sensation of removing his own appendix in a diary entry written after his extraordinary feat. The Russian surgeon was forced to operate on himself during an Antarctic mission in which he …

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Otherworldly sights where tourists risk it all

THEY trek snow-covered mountains, gasp at seals flopping along the coastline, ooh at penguins waddling along on the ice and marvel at humpback whales flapping their tails amid a sea of melting icebergs. Antarctica is the last terrestrial tourism frontier that nature lovers, adventurers and explorers are rushing to visit. …

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South Georgia Island sea kayak voyage wins Australian Geographic’s 2015 Adventurers of the Year award

A PERTH adventurer has recalled how he and three mates achieved a 30-year dream of circumnavigating South Georgia Island, a kayaking journey that saw them named the 2015 Australian Geographic Society’s Adventurers of the Year. Magnificent creature … John Jacoby came face to face with a male southern elephant sealSource:Supplied …

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Antarctica holidays

MILLENNIALS are known for their wanderlust — their desire to explore the world and experience the unknown. But that obsession with an authentic, off-the-beaten-path travel experience isn’t leaving many countries left on their bucket-list — which is why a surprising destination is having its moment. Antarctica looks set to be …

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